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It's free, it's Your karaoke software 


Thank you for using OkeOke.Net! If you have any questions, please email support@okeoke.net

I'd like to thank following company/ projects/ individuals for their contributions to this little project:

You: All the users are my driving force to develop this little thing.

Special thanks to following users for all the great suggestions and amazing QA: David Lu, Sumarsono/蘇錦誠, Rob Tromp

Google: I can't imagine how I can find/connect all these dots without Google!

MPlayer: Media playback and control.www.mplayerhq.hu

Gianluigi Tiesi: Mplayer for Windows

MKVToolnix: Merge media file with recording

NMC MPlayer: Implementing MPlayer in WinForm/Vista

Patrice Terrier: cool UI in zMovie Player

Hundred Miles Software: UltraID3Lib is used to tag recorded mp3 files.

Lame MP3 Encoder and Idael Cardoso: MP3 encoding.

SoX: Audio processing.

arinhere: Compiling SOX with Lame and Libmad for Windows.

Ianier Munoz: Audio recording function.

Andrew Wood: WPF Runtime Localization

FluidKit project: GlassWindow and ImageButton

Adrian Alexander Pinter: ClosableTabItem control

Tamir Khason: Virtual Keyboard

www.iconarchive.com: Fancy icons

C# Webserver: Webserver used for remote control through web browser.

DotNetZip: Zip library in .Net.

Razan Paul (Raju): WPF color picker.

Rudi Grobler: WPF themes.

7Zip: Self-Extracting archives.

DirectShow.NET: Easy to use DirectX in .Net.

DirectX.Capture Class Library by Brian Low: Access webcam using DirectShow.NET.

Zeta Resource Editor : Resource Editor and translation using Bing and Google.

Colin Eberhardt: MultiBinding in Silverlight.

AndrewSmith, Lucene.net: Full text search implemented by Lucene.

Ryan Stansifer, Corinna John: Midi file structure and playback.

Ron Schuler: MP3 + CDG Karaoke Player.

Facebook C# SDK and samples.

MPlayer2 and build for Windows.

Last but not least, thank Microsoft for the tools used to develop this little thing!