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Frequently asked questions

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Question: How to resize player?
The player, OkeOke.ZMPlayer, can be resized in two different ways. The first one is use mouse to drag the boarder of the player, move the mouse to the boarder of the player, and its icon will change to resize icon, then you can click and move the mouse to resize player. The second method is to double click the player, and its mode will be changed between Normal, Compact and Fullscreen modes. In Compact and Fullscreen modes, the player will be shown on top of any other windows. You can also do single click on the player to show or hide the control bar.

Question: How to add selected songs to my favorite
The function of "My Favorite" is implemented by using Tag. Guest user does not have Tagging function. You need to create a local or online user to use Tagging function. To use Tagging function, you can first select one or multiple songs (ktvs, or media files), then right click, select Tag menu item, there you can select the Tag you want to implement, such as My Favorite, or create a new tag and apply. Then you can search for items you have tagged. Click the Search Option above search box, click the "..." button on the row of Tag option, there you can select tags. After that, enter any keyword or "*" in the search box to start searching.

Question: How to close virtual keyboard
Answer: Virtual Keyboard is mainly designed to be used with remote control. If you use mouse and keyboard to use the software, it is not necessary to use virtual keyboard. You can disable it in Application Setting dialog, which can be brought up by clicking the main menu button on upper-left corner and select "Configure Application Setting".

Question: How to upgrade automatically
Answer: After you start okeoke.net.exe, the program will connect to the website of www.okeoke.net to check if there is any upgrade available, and remind user to upgrade if available. If you agree to upgrade, the program will download an upgrade package with size about 3-4MB (compared to 20MB of the full kit), then it will extract the files to okeoke.net program folder and restart the program. In the main program menu, there is also an option to upgrade the software.

Question: How to do manual upgrade
Answer: If you need to upgrade the software manually, you can download the upgrade package from here, extract the files to OkeOke.Net program folder to overwrite existing ones. Upgrade does not affect any of your database, playlist and settings.