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As a friendly remind, OkeOke.Net karaoke software is a free software. While it's promised not to have any malicious code, the software does not provide any kind of waranty.

The zip file contains a copy of MPlayer, which is created and managed by open source project MPlayer. Here I'd like to specially thank MPlayer project.

OkeOke.Net Karaoke Software

Download installer: Click Here
File size: about 39MB
Installer will try to install Microsoft .net 3.5 SP1 if it's not found in the computer.

Download portable zip: Click Here
File size: about 35MB
Extract the zip file, and run okeoke.net.exe (must have Microsoft .net 3.5 SP1 installed first)

Download from Softpedia.com: Click Here

Download from Download.com: Click Here

Download from Brothersoft.com:

Download from FiberDownload.com: Click Here

OkeOke Android Remote App

Android Market download Click Here

OkeOke.ZMPlayer source code

Download: Click Here

OkeOke.ZMPlayer is a MPlayer frontend, provides functions like NMC MPlayer, SMPlayer, KMPlayer. The project uses lots of source code from NMC MPlayer and zMovie Player of Patrice Terrier. OkeOke.Net karaoke software use it to play media files. The source code is created in Visual Studio 2008.